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Social Media Growth Infographic

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Facebook Gives Your Info To Cops!!!

Posted on August 22, 2011 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)


We've told you before that Facebook treats its users like products. That companies now exist to search for your Facebook account and tell your bosses your secrets. That people are quitting Facebook en masse. Now, there's yet another reason you might want to make the switch to Google+: Facebook has gotten into the habit of allowing police to scour users' profiles without their consent.

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Athletes Can Drop the Ball When Using Social Media

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Many of us who follow the sports world have read or heard about some of the Twitter gaffes that professional or collegiate athletes have made in the last few years.


Mistakes, in fact, that have led to crack downs by teams or schools, who in many instances now warn athletes that their actions are being monitored and taken seriously.


Among some of the notable messages (tweets worded as they went out over the Internet):


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iPhone Users Not the Only Ones Having Their Location Tracked

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Android users still patting themselves on the back for sticking with their brand and not falling for the iPhone can stop now. It turns out their every move is being tracked too, and likely for the same reasons.



Just days after two British researchers proved that owners of the latest models of the Apple iPhone and iPad have had their locations tracked by their devices, its been revealed that Android phones, using Google’s mobile operating sy...

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Hacktivist Group Anonymous Declares War On Facebook

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The hacktivist group "Anonymous" is calling for hackers to attack Facebook this November 5. Both a written version and a video of the announcement appear beneath this post.

We’re curious about exactly how hackers might execute an attack on the site, and even more intrigued about what Facebook might do to pre-empt such an effort, if possible.

We also can’t help wo...

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What Does Google+ Mean For Marketers?

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Who would have predicted, just two months ago, how quickly Google+ would take off?


Its features and execution are compelling. Many in social media are very actively engaged on the platform and there are no shortages of either suggestions or predictions on future functions and features.


22squared has released a clear, concise presentation — Google+: What It Is and What It Means — that provides a functional overview of Google+ addre...

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How To Get 10x More Followers On Twitter

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Get 10x more followers on Twitter by adding your picture. We thought some of your friends that are new to Twitter might find this type of information helpful. So our friends at Twiends put the below infographic together. Enjoy!

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Social Network Adoption Infographic

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Latest infographic on Social Networks Adoption via a bell curved distribution (click to enlarge).


The diffusion of new technologies follows a classic normal distribution or “bell curve” and, according to Everett Rogers’ studies (Diffusion of Innovation, 1962), anyone who engages with a given innovation fits into one of five categories: innovator...

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Smartphone Addiction: Good or Bad?

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It seems like nowadays people can’t go anywhere without their smartphones.  Whether its checking the weather, e-mail, bank account, or Facebook updates, smartphones have made mobile connectivity so accessible that today’s younger generations seem much more “addicted” to their smartphones.

According to Erica Swallow, associate editor of Mashable, the United Kingdom has declared itself a “smartphone-addicted” country.  Ofcom, a UK ...

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